Join us for short presentations with insights centred around wellbeing, as individuals and in business and a chance to introduce your business.

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This is one in a series of thought provoking presentations for business owners organised by local FSB members who are part of a SIG, (Special Interest Group) focused on the mental, physical and financial wellbeing for everyone to help boost economic output. 

Our speaker for May is Anna Stapleton from Ready to Make A Change. Anna specialises in mental and emotional freedom coaching and has developed the Defining Moments Process.  This process enables clients to identify the defining moments that are at the source of feelings of disempowerment. The process helps to uncover the limiting beliefs developed from these moments and gives the necessary steps to regain power to live a fulfilling life.  

Anna's topic will be "The impact Life Coaching & Mentoring have on Mental & Emotional Wellbeing in business and life".

Open to all small businesses and the self employed and free to attend.

Together we are stronger. 

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