Struggling to attract customers? Join this session and learn the most effective way to grow your customer base for nothing!

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Struggling to attract customers to your business without paid advertising? 

One of the most effective ways to get more customers to your business for free is through referrals, word of mouth or recommendations. But how many of us actually do this regularly? The answer is not many.
In this session you will learn:

  • The Four Power Principles of Referral Marketing
  • How to use those four principles to generate a stream of high quality new customers who will then recommend you in turn
  • Why all businesses should have multiple referral systems
  • Examples of some of the best tried and tested referral types

Attendees will also receive a special “guru report” from Peter Thomson, one of the UK’s leading personal and corporate development strategist and entrepreneur – explaining why we all need a systemised referral process and exactly how we can do it. 
Chris Booth, who delivers for the renowned McKellen’s Masterclass programme, will lead this session and show you the most effective way to grow your customer base for nothing! 

The session includes a live Q&A to ask any question of Chris. 

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