Industry experts explain how, even in a digital age, traditional media is an essential - and affordable - part of the marketing mix for small businesses.

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Traditional marketing is more affordable than you might think. From direct mail to press advertising and radio, it remains an integral part of any small business marketing plan.

Hosted by Shelina Begum, North West Business Editor of The, former business editor at the Manchester Evening News and editor of Asian News, this must-attend webinar will explain the different aspects of traditional media and how to plan them in - alongside digital advertising and social media that many business owners embrace every day.

Enhance your next marketing campaign with top tips from our fantastic panellists Philip Irons, Head of SME Growth at Mail Metro Media (press advertising/affordability); James Robbins, Head of Business Development for Membership Plus (the benefits of using Direct Mail) and Judith Spilsbury, Head of Training and Special Events at the Radiocentre (radio marketing).

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