As it is for populations in all developed countries, the UK has an ageing population. It is projected, that by 2040, nearly one in seven people will be over 75. Find out the positives of employing older people in this webinar.

  The Positives of an Older Workforce

Good employees are the lifeblood of a growing organisation and can help drive the business forward to meet its goals, and older employees offer many advantages. Older employees: are often able to serve as mentors, coaches, or subject area experts; can use their life experience in relationship-based roles; can have vast and deep networks to add value to business development and sales type roles; have experienced shifting markets, economic conditions and other challenges and can bring this experience to bear in future periods of uncertainty. The good news, is that such values can be applied to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Encouraging an age-diverse workplace brings a whole host of benefits including fresh perspectives, knowledge-sharing, innovative ideas, and improved problem solving.

However, there is still much to be done, with most older employees not feeling valued in the workplace, with an alarming 85% of people aged between 55-64 reporting some form of age discrimination in their workplace.

This webinar will address why a consideration for age is a crucial factor for business, delving into more detail around key aspects of the business case, recruitment, and retention of key skills:

Business case for inclusion:

  • Meet legal requirements
  • Instil purpose and good reputation: as a good employer; as a good business partner
  • Attract a valuable diverse range of skills and experience
  • Reflect your customer base to deliver higher market share


  • Broadening the recruitment pool
  • Access to experience and skills
  • How to attract older people to workplace


  • Maintain key skills and know-how
  • The value in training and development
  • Transition and re-deployment
  • How to encourage them to stay


Steve Anderson, CEO, The Age Diversity Forum - Steve has led the Age Diversity Forum for the last five years, developing and designing awareness, support and services to showcase the values of age diversity in the workplace. The organisation is the designer and custodian of the ‘Champion Age Diversity’ employer engagement programme and is a national employability service provider for the DWP.

Steve is on the UK Governments National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board of the Institute of Coding, sits on the DWP’s Age Action Alliance Steering Committee, and is a regular media contributor and conference speaker for the age agenda.

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