All you ever wanted to know about recycling, but were afraid to ask...

South West Green Events - 18 January, 10-11am

Recycling - everything you need to know

We are delighted to welcome back our hosts, David Scott and Edward Chapman, who so successfully ran our 'South West what is Net Zero' in September. This time they will be looking at the tricky business of recycling and what your business can do to cut back on waste to help the environment and your bottom line.

The format for today’s event will be speakers:  

  • Philippa Roberts from Binit looking at business recycling and the issues - Binit’s core aims are to get litter off the streets and to reduce heavy vehicle movements. They don’t run their own vehicles, but they do own the bins and are developing tech in these bins. Each Binit bin has a unique QR code that takes you to their bespoke customer service platform. They support SMEs to share bins, getting those bags off the street, and giving access to a wider range of source-segregated recycling options (which means more gets recycled because it’s cleaner and therefore better quality).
  • Harry Dennis from Waterhaul. Waterhaul is a purpose-driven brand that transforms waste fishing gear - the most harmful form of ocean plastic, into inspirational and functional products such as sunglasses and litter pickers. Our mission is to create a value pathway that solves the 'ghost  gear' problem and to enable a global community to connect with, and protect the ocean. 

And then 20 mins for you to ask all those questions about recycling you have ever wanted to ask!

Don’t miss this event, it’s an hour on a subject that is misunderstood by many…

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