Discover how Neurodiversity can be your strength and enhance your business potential

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Neurodivergent people experience, interact with, and interpret the world in unique ways. 

In this webinar, our speaker Joyce CoomberSewell, mentor and Autistic advocate, discusses how she embraced her neurodiversity and used it to build and run a successful business. Joyce has always been fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves and other people. Joyce explains how she and her wife have embraced this unique outlook, and turned it into a successful business model.

Joyce will also discuss her experiences and journey as a late diagnosed autistic woman with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD and how simple affirming attitudes benefit all, not just those on the spectrum.

She will also explain how you can unleash your unique skills to enhance and maximise your business potential and give business owners an insight on how to work with staff and clients with neurodiverse thinking.

This webinar will be hosted by FSB Lewisham Borough Action Group Lead Bayo Igoh - Business Coach and mentor of Bigohcoaching.

As a coach, Bayo has worked with a cross section of senior managers and executives in voluntary, public and private sectors. He has a demonstrable track record working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.  

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