Work in engineering, manufacturing or transport ? Then join our sector specific networking group and grow your contacts

Event details

You are invited to join our monthly group of engineering, manufacturing and transport businesses to discuss issues relating to those sectors. This group is designed to help you to develop specialist contacts in your area of industry and focusses on topics suggested by the group. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month for 75 minutes.  

In our breakout rooms we will be discussing the topics of national insurance and dividend tax increases, the impact of the Ukrainian war on our supply chains and our experiences of recruiting people with disabilities.

Chaired by Charles Hansard from Westford Services Ltd, the UK Distributor for Micfil Ultra Fine Filters for fuel and oils.

Hosted by Ruth Lambert, Development Manager for Somerset and Wiltshire

Whether you are new to networking or looking for something more related to your work all small businesses are welcome, both FSB members and non-members.

Event contact

For general enquiries regarding the event, please telephone our dedicated events helpline 01253 336028 or email [email protected]