Join us for learning through sharing knowledge on Monday 10 May at 4.30pm

Event details

These events are designed to bring women in business together and to learn from the best in a relaxed and informal way, with a platform to learn, share, network and build vital relationships. We alternate each meet up with hearing inspiring stories and learning, through sharing knowledge.

  • Arrival / Zoom etiquette
  • Welcome
  • Brief introductions around the Zoom room
  • Cheryl-lya Broadfoot interview with special guest Nikki Shield on our 'interview chair' with a talk on the importance of building an authentic brand
  • FSB Membership Advisor to promote membership benefits
  • Time for some networking (via Zoom breakout rooms)
  • Plenary and Close  


Event contact

For general enquiries regarding the event, please telephone FSB Customer Services on 01253 336028 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm), or email [email protected]

Further information

One of FSB’s objectives is to value diversity and inclusion in everything it does and the strength of FSB rests on attracting the greatest number and diverse small business owners and the self-employed which reflect the whole of the UK business population. We therefore want existing and new small business owners and the self-employed, from whichever communities they belong to, to feel welcomed and a part of the FSB community.

All of our events, whether focused on a specific issue or equality characteristic, are therefore open to all. This also underpins the notion of allyship where marginalised groups are supported by those not from the specific groups or communities and offers mutual benefits for shared learning, wider conversations and a collective responsibility to inclusivity. If you have any questions please email the event organiser here: [email protected]

New to virtual networking? Find out more about FSB virtual events and a quick guide to getting started here.