Our brand-new Lincolnshire Question Time series continues in June with a look at a vital but fast-evolving area of business – digital marketing.

Event details

This free Q&A session is your chance to ask anything you are not sure about when it comes to your online presence, reaching new markets through the web and social media, maximising your newsletters and customer comms via e-mail, getting the visuals right, quantifying what you do and doing it all better.

Our expert panellists will be live on screen to answer all your burning questions. From helping you understand what digital marketing is through to elevating your online strategies, our experts will be able to help regardless where you are on your digital journey.

Be there to throw your questions to:

  • Rachael Hunt, Creative Marketing Manager of Visual Print and Design
  • Tanvir Hassan, Managing Director of We Are Attract

We’ll have an hour of straight Q&A – no formal presentations, no pitching, no sales – just the chance for you to get your questions answered. You’ll also get to hear the queries of other local businesses who have perhaps encountered issues you haven’t faced, so it’ll help you be on the front foot for other things you need to be alert to.

Feel free to submit your questions in advance here or live to the experts. Just reserve your free place now and our panel look forward to seeing you on 14 June.

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