FSB is delighted to join forces with Clemorton Training and Development’s Stuart Maddocks for a series of support events on leading more effectively emerging from lockdown, boosting staff morale, productivity and sales.

Event details

Join FSB and Stuart on Friday 3rd December 2021 at 11am for ‘Lighting the Motivation inside your people and customers', the second of four 90-minute interactive and enlightening sessions. 

One of the most common questions asked by SME founders and leaders is: how do I motivate people as part of my role?

The answer is both complex and simple all at once. The nature of how people are motivated is unique, individual and highly personal, meaning that there are many different considerations to take into account for each person and a multitude of answers to the same question for a team of people. Our session will examine how to get the best out of your team and from yourself during these challenging times. We will also consider what motivates our customers to make changes in their buying and purchasing behaviours.

Stuart, FSB member and Owner / Director of Clemorton, has a wealth of experience as a trainer, mentor and coach, with special areas of interest covering all aspects of Leadership and Management, sales, negotiation, business growth and Business Model prototyping. His career spans various senior leadership roles, coaching, and mentoring people of all ages, experience levels and skill-sets including CEO's and company founders, and more recently involvement with the university sector, developing faculty, management and administrative staff and thousands of students. www.clemorton.co.uk

Event contact

For general enquiries regarding the event, please telephone our dedicated events helpline 01253 336028 or email [email protected]