This webinar covers how to build successful connections on LinkedIn and convert them into high-paying clients, without having to spend a penny on adverts.

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This webinar addresses how to explore new ways to find clients online. It will give you an insight into how you can turn your LinkedIn connections into high-paying customers. You won’t spend a penny on adverts, and you’ll learn how to engage connections in conversations that will drive them through a sales funnel to convert them from connection to client. It will give you the strategies you need to build a reliable client base online

Susan Burke,LinkedIn Success Academy will be showing you how to:

  • Understand your personal LinkedIn stats to evaluate if your current LinkedIn profile is effective, or whether you’re invisible to your target audience.
  • Figure out why your current profile is not good enough (even if you think it is!).
  • Raise your credibility and be seen as the expert in your field.
  • Create a targeted messaging strategy to have your invitations accepted.
  • Engage your connections through killer content and build long-term relationships.
  • Discover why you need LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find your ideal client.
  • Build a consistent daily routine for successful LinkedIn marketing.
  • Work out the No 1 strategy you need to “Get Clients Chasing YOU”.

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For general enquiries regarding the event, please email [email protected]  

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