All small business owners welcome to meet, network, and learn at our friendly free virtual networking sessions

Event details

These regular events held every other Friday are open to all. We will be using breakout rooms to allow us to network in small groups and to grow our contacts and connections in an informal and relaxed way.      

Between breakout sessions this week, we will hear from our speaker Johanna Hooper,  Director, 

Just like marmite, loosening restrictions post COVID lockdown is producing polarised views.  You have the FOMOs (fear of missing out) in the blue corner and FOGOs (fear of going out) in the red corner.  So, as the world returns to ’normal’ (whatever that is?) how do we maintain the know, like and trust so crucial to business?  Join us this month where we will be hearing Johanna Hooper (small business leadership and performance coach) give us her thoughts on how we continue to navigate the ’new’ normal and look after each other in the process. 

These events are targeted at people from small businesses across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, but open to anyone looking to grow their contacts whether they be FSB members or not. 

For help and support regarding this event, please telephone our dedicated events helpline 01253 336028 or email [email protected]

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