Join us for short presentations with insights centered around wellbeing, as individuals and in business and a chance to introduce your business. Special guest Cheryl-lyas Broadfoot will deliver a presentation on  'The art of simple stress relief for business owners'.

Event details

This is one in a series of thought provoking presentations for business owners organised by local FSB members who are part of a SIG, (A Special Interest Group) focused on the mental, physical and financial wellbeing for everyone to help boost economic output. 

Special guest Cheryl-lyas Broadfoot will deliver  'The art of simple stress relief for Business Owners'.

Open to all small businesses and the self employed and free to attend. #Together we are stronger. 

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For general enquiries regarding the event, please telephone FSB Customer Services on 01253 336028 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm), or email [email protected]

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