For small business owners, knowledge and understanding of cashflow management is crucial for business survival right now.

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With the ‘COVID-19’ global pandemic affecting most businesses, a solid understanding of good cashflow management is even more vital than before.

This free webinar delivered by Paul Lee, Wenta, in partnership with FSB, looks at cashflow management generally whilst specifically dealing with ways for small businesses to work through the current crisis and beyond. The session will cover:

  • tools and methods for managing your cashflow; 
  • effective cashflow forecasting and planning;
  • timely financial reporting;
  • managing reduction in overheads;
  • inventory (stock) management;
  • managing debtor/creditor lists; 
  • HMRC help & support;
  • finance support for small businesses.

There will be the opportunity for Q&A’s and attendees will be eligible for a free ‘small business health check’ with Wenta and a further 12 hours of free business support in the form of one-to-one advice or further webinars/training and possible funding/access to finance/grant opportunities.

Who should attend? Small business owners who want to gain a better understanding of cashflow management

About: Paul Lee, Wenta Business Advisor, has a wide range of expertise in finance management, bookkeeping and contract management.

Event contact

For general questions about the event, please email [email protected] or telephone 07977 429999.

For any difficulties experienced connecting to the webinar, please contact Samuel Yates on 01253 336016

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