Now that your emergency plans are in place, what are you going to do next as your markets come back to life again?

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To help you work this out,  award winning business strategy consultancy Opto-Advisory would like to help you prepare your business for the post-lockdown world.  We will look at:

1- Why did you start your business? Why does your business exist?

2- What do you need to be competitive? How can you differentiate in the post-lockdown market?

3- How do you best make the most of what your business is good at? How can you diversify?

4- When is the optimum time to make any changes... to grow, to change?

This will help you to plan your next move on the road to recovery and then growth.

Presenters - 
Chris Wilson, Opto Advisory 
Paul Le, Opto Advisory 

Opto Advisory - Opto Advisory was formed by the award-winning strategy team of Paul Le and Chris Wilson. Having worked together as client and advisor for almost ten years transforming major global organisations, they have brought their experience together to form an organisation focused on helping leaders to grow great businesses through well thought out strategic plans.

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For general enquiries regarding the event, please email [email protected] or telephone 01253 361191.

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