Join this FSB zoom meeting and grow your business contacts

We're hosting this networking event for FSB members across East of Scotland.

Join us at 2pm and connect with your local small business community. 

Introduction to Networking

Business networking events can be a daunting prospect:
Standing on the side-lines looking out at a sea of unknown faces, not knowing where to begin,
how to join a group or individual and get beyond the small talk of, “What do you do?”, or the weather. 
This networking training session provides a lively, practical approach with tools and techniques for meeting new people, creating and maintaining meaningful conversations, working the room, and nurturing good business relationships, not only at networking events but in our working lives. The aim of this session is to:

•    Discuss what networking is.
•    Understand the benefits of networking.
•    Describe the key steps of networking.
•    Preparing your networking toolkit.
•    Understand the importance of growing your network.
•    Gain confidence in introducing yourself to others.
•    Understanding online networking. 
•    Network Planning.
•    Your turn to network in a ‘speedy networking’ opportuity at the end of the session.

This one hour session is open to non members and will be led by FSB member and local business owner Pauline Weddell. 

Who should attend?
The session is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about how to network successfully. The session is designed at an introductory level to help you to build confidence, start and maintain a conversation and sustain a network of useful contacts.  

Pauline Weddell, FSB member and volunteer host at our Edinburgh virtual networking meetings, is founder and MD at Learn to Grow Ltd.  Over the last 30 years she has worked across HR in areas such as Learning & Development and Recruitment.
Pauline is passionate about getting people talking about what they are passionate about and connecting local business owners so that they can work more collaboratively together. Building a strong network is essential in business as it allows you access to opportunities that you may not be able to find on your own. 

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Further information

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