The first in our masterclass sessions in advertising will begin with the Life in Lockdown research series from the Head of Insight at Mail Metro Media, exploring consumer sentiment during COVID-19, media consumption shifts, and how businesses and brands can still be very relevant. After delving into audience trends, IAB UK's Head of Marketing will demonstrate a new tool created to help UK small businesses unlock the power of digital advertising.

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The first masterclass session for advertising will focus on the consumer, delivered by the Head of Insight at Mail Metro Media, presenting actionable insight from our long running Life in Lockdown series. COVID-19 has affected huge change on media consumption habits, as well as internet usage. People who have never before bought online now do so frequently. Businesses who never had a digital presence have had to adapt. Consumers’ expectations on business and brands haven't gone away but understanding them and how they are feeling will give you tools for success. After exploring consumer trends, you will hear from IAB UK…

Following recent research into how small businesses in the UK are using digital advertising and what support is needed to get the most out of it, IAB UK has developed a tool to help SMEs power up their digital advertising. Based on a few simple questions about your business and objectives, the tool offers advice on budgets, channels to use, measuring effectiveness and brings together a wealth of resources and introductory guides from IAB UK and its members. In this session, IAB UK's Head of Marketing will demonstrate the tool and showcase how you can get the most out of it for your business.


  • Luke Hand, Head of Insight, Mail Metro Media
  • Tom Stevens, Head of Marketing, IAB UK
  • Natalie Gasson-McKinley. FSB Development Manager

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