Is your business missing out on thousands of pounds in tax reliefs?

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R&D tax relief isn’t as well-known as it should be. Many small businesses are missing out on a potential cash injection of thousands of pounds through the scheme, which can be claimed for up to two years retrospectively.

You don’t need a laboratory, an R&D department, or a science-focused business.  Successful claims have been made across all sectors, from hospitality to manufacturing and everything in between.

Is your business missing out on R&D tax relief? Join Brady Last from EY Incentives Limited, which helps firms to claim the relief, to find out more about Britain’s Best Kept Business Secret!

Guy Bridge from the FSB Funding Platform will also be at the event to talk about how the platform can help businesses on this issue and with access to finance more generally.

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Brady Last is the Managing Director for EY Incentives Limited and leads an EY Breakthrough Incentives team. Brady has over five years’ experience within the R&D sector, helping to champion innovative small business owners.

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