Small business owners in and around Burton & Staffordshire: connect with other local entrepreneurs, online

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We are back with our free to attend virtual networking morning for businesses in and around Burton. This is your opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs, self-employed people and small business owners, to continue to network, collaborate and support each other.

In March, we’ll be joined by coach Liz Abram who will talk about setting boundaries and expectations for post-covid business.

Liz says: “I think lots of people have started getting comfy with lockdown as that’s what human nature has us do. So how do we refloat ourselves and set our sail? Do we try and revert to what we had before, or do we go with the flow of the new waters and get ready to explore how we can change?

“Let’s think about the questions we need to ask ourselves. Let’s think now about what we are NOT  prepared to rush back to and why? What has lockdown shown us about how we operate? What do we know about ourselves a year on? Let’s relax into our new ways of things rather than being too prescriptive. This will keep us open to fresh ideas and opportunities and may also help us serve our communities better, whether those are in real life or online.”

Liz uses walk-and-talk therapy or one-to-one sessions by phone in order to help her clients get from where they are to where they want to be.

She has a natural and relaxed coaching style and has a reputation for telling it as it is!

For more about Liz, look at (for individual performance coaching) or (for teams) with her business partner, Guy.

Our meeting will be hosted by our FSB Area Lead and Burton business owner Elaine Pritchard, of Caittom Publishing. She writes articles, blogs, case studies, speeches and more for people and organisations. She has been an FSB member for nearly 10 years and a Staffs & West Midlands volunteer for the past two.

Attendees will each be given 30 seconds to introduce their business in a supportive, unpressured environment.

In addition, FSB representatives will be on hand to talk to you about ensuring you get the most from your FSB membership during this very difficult time.

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Contact Dominique Carey for any further information.

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