A workshop for small businesses brought to you by the FSB in association with Agora3

After careful consideration we have decided to postpone this event in response to the COVID-19 virus.

We continue to follow government guidance in relation to our events and will review on a daily basis. We recognise the impact this virus is having on small businesses and will be waiving our refund policy.

We are working hard to provide support to our members during these very difficult times. This includes planning webinars which provide guidance for FSB members, addressing your concerns with government, directing our member to FSB support services such as insurance, business continuity, legal helpline and FSB care.

We also have a dedicated support hub on our website which gives specific guidance for small businesses on the COVID-19 virus www.fsb.org.uk 

Rest assured the FSB will continue to work hard to provide as much support as we can to FSB members and also the wider small business community.

The talk will be in two parts. 
Part 1 - The 2020's Survival Guide  - Technology, Marketing and Client Aquisition
The roaring 20's were one of the most significant periods in the history of small business. Electricity was all the rage, Ford was the 'Elon Musk' of his day, Hire Purchase schemes were developed and things progressed so rapidly that hundreds of thousands of small businesses were caught unawares... and disappeared overnight. 

Here we are 100 years later and the 2020's are already showing many of the same trends we saw back then. There are some incredible technologies that are just about to hit their stride and that have the potential to dramatically affect how small businesses have to operate. 

From the impending increase in marketing costs brought about by Voice Search, through to 5G allowing 'micro globalisation' which for the first time, will have a direct physical impact on small business... In this talk we will be discussing what the next 10 years have in-store for entrepreneurs and how they can utilise these changes as a propellent rather than a drag.

Part 2 -  The 2020's Survival - Brand, Culture and Messaging for Small Business
In an almost poetic turn of events, consumer behavior has been rebelling against large corporates. The modern consumer is not interested in buying from old school "Brands" anymore. They are interested in the story behind the brand, the ethics behind the brand and they are interested in the authenticity of the brand. This trend is only getting started...

We will discuss how small business will have to position and market themselves in order to survive the 20s. We will be speaking about the authenticity of the brand and how to craft your 'brand story'. We will look at the role of social media, paid search and importantly, 'old school' marketing in building your business. 

About the speaker:
Sean Goldsmith, Founder at STRHIVE
Over the past 12 years we have helped launch, build, grow and in many cases sell over 1000 small businesses both in the UK, USA and 8 other countries around the world. During this time we studied, tested and then applied some incredibly successful marketing, sales and growth strategies which were specifically designed for small and micro-businesses.

Free to attend. Tea, coffee, and 'squash' included
Free parking outside for 12+ places, along with a free car park over the road with non designated spaces, and further parking along the main road

Due to the current global health emergency we ask that anyone attending an FSB event join us in trying to minimise the spread of the virus. 
All our staff and volunteers are washing their hands in line with government guidelines and avoiding close contact including handshakes. Please could we ask that you adhere to these guidelines while at FSB events.

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