Networking event as part of Andover Business Week

Event details

This is a great option for those new to networking and looking for a friendly place to start, but also great for those with more networking experience who would like to grow their contacts within the wider Andover business community.   

The hour will include two breakout sessions where you will be able to network in small groups, with a guest speaker slot in between the breakout sessions.   

Our speaker Chloe Cotton of will talk about how she has mastered the family/business dilemma.  

Needing to earn an income and being a mother to 3 children under 4years old was never going to work for Chloe Cotton whilst she was employed as a teacher.  Hear how she gave up her teaching role and developed a successful business based around her children, that now supports both her and 14 other families around the country. Featuring nightshifts, heart attacks and Thomas the Tank Engine. Her insights, methods and experience are applicable to all small business owners and those thinking about making the jump to self-employment


This event is targeted at people from small businesses in Andover, Hampshire and surrounding areas but open to anyone looking to grow their contacts whether they be FSB members or not.  

For help and support regarding this event, please telephone our dedicated events helpline 01253 336028 or email [email protected]

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