Net Zero. What does it mean? And what can I do to address it!

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Join us for a webinar brought to you by FSB and Carbon-Zero UK to find out more about how to begin your journey towards net zero.

Brian Johnstone, a Low Carbon Consultant, will offer practical guidance on how to calculate your carbon emissions looking at three areas of emissions:

  • Direct- activities owned or controlled by an organisation – Boilers, Vehicles, Fuels, refrigerants;
  • Indirect- Purchased Electricity, heat, steam or cooling
  • Other Indirect Emissions – Business Travel, Materials Purchased, Inward Freighting Of Goods, Non owned (leased) assets.

During this session we’ll be assessing what those emissions mean.

  • How to create a plan to reduce the emissions.
  • Cost, support and guidance to help businesses on the journey.
  • Offsetting carbon and purchasing credits.

Throughout, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions using the chat function and the event will conclude with a Q&A.

FSB are supporting small business owners and the self-employed to understand how you can play your part and get started. Check out our dedicated sustainability hub, which will be regularly updated with the latest resources, tools and information to help your small business prepare for changes, go green and be more sustainable.

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