Join us with multi-award winner and FSB Area Lead Hollie Whittles, who will share her experience, insights and advice about ways to improve your business resilience.

With all the events and uncertainties of recent times, some take the view that it’s impossible to plan for the future as the future is such an unknown.

However, as the old adage goes: ‘Fail to prepare . . . then prepare to fail’.

While there are many variables that could affect your future success, that fact alone makes it all the more important for you to act now - taking the steps that are under your control, that you can implement now and that will put you and your business in the best possible place ‘come what may’.

There are certainly challenges ahead. There are also opportunities. This is your chance to learn how to tackle both and come out winning!

This event is free to attend for small businesses - whether a member of FSB or not.

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