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Guidance for election candidates


We hope that these notes answer any questions you may have about the FSB Director Election process.  If you have any queries please contact 

Number of applications

A member may stand for any or all of the Director positions.  A member wishing to stand must complete and sign the relevant nomination paper(s) stating he/she is prepared to stand for election.  Whilst initially a member may apply for more than one role, they must confirm only one nomination at the closing date.  A member may accept only one office.

Nomination form 

The Nomination form appropriate to the role must be completed and signed by the candidate and the proposer and submitted together with the supporting documents listed on the form.  In respect of Non Operational Directors, final nomination will be by National Council in January 2018.

Preparing your candidate statement

A 500 word profile setting out your aspirations and suitability for office, together with a statement matching your capabilities to the role requirements must be submitted with your nomination.  The Validation Committee strongly encourage candidates to review the role description and in their statement highlight how they meet the office holder requirements.

What happens next?

Validation – Validation is a two-step process, the first step is due diligence and assessment of the material you have submitted in support of your nomination.  If the Validation Committee is of the view that you may hold the required experience and competencies for the role you will proceed to the next stage, which is a meeting with the Validation Committee.  The Validation Committee will decide which candidates meet the eligibility criteria and may go forward.  The decisions of the Validation Committee are final.

Only the names of candidates who may proceed to election by members will be included in election materials.  In the case of Non Operational Directors, only the names of validated candidates will be given to National Council in the first instance.

Following the confirmation by the Validation Committee (for Strategic Directors); and by the Validation Committee and National Council (for Non Operational Directors) that candidates may proceed to election by members, the Returning Officer will oversee and scrutinise the FSB Director Election procedures including provision of election media and participation in any FSB events arranged by the FSB.  The Returning Officer will indicate any areas where there is a potential breach of the rules or where changes to information are required.

If an election is uncontested subject to validation and nomination, candidates will be declared elected without a ballot.

Nomination by National Council (Non Operational Directors) – Validated candidates will be subject to final nomination by National Council at its meeting in January 2018.


Candidates make a personal address to members through a video which is posted on the website and available for any member to view.  Validated candidates will be informed of the arrangements. 

Candidate communications

We are keen for candidates to publicise the fact that elections are taking place, and to encourage members to vote.  However in the interests of fairness there are some restrictions on what candidates should say, in addition to the general obligation to abide by the FSB member Code of Conduct.

Candidates must observe the following timetable for what they communicate and how.

As a general rule the period from an AGM to 1 September is considered open season and potential candidates can say what they wish provided it is in line with the FSB member Code of Conduct.

1 September - 31 December is designated a cautionary period and potential candidates (defined as being any eligible member considering candidacy) or declared candidates should avoid making comments/issuing statements which could be considered, reasonably, to be electioneering.   Electioneering in this context is defined as actively encouraging people to vote for a particular candidate.

After 1 January to the end of polling period. All declared candidates are expected to adhere to the FSB Electioneering Guidelines.  

Existing directors

It is accepted that candidates who hold an existing equivalent office should be able to fulfil that office. Therefore, existing Directors may ‘fulfil their roles’ and in particular arrange training, travel to regions, and communicate with members. 

However, all existing candidates including existing Directors must set out their relevant activities on an open calendar to be administered from Head Office. It is requested that candidates keep this up to date and give adequate notice for other candidates to react as appropriate – in other words, if a candidate is attending an FSB meeting in a given region, other candidates should have the opportunity to attend also where appropriate

External Media

It is permissible for the fact that a candidate is standing and the position they seek to attain in the FSB to be reported via print or other media, but you should not seek this type of coverage and should not make public statements.

Social Media (General) 

You may not use your personal or business social media accounts for electioneering purposes.