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Operations Director - Office Holder Description

To be read in conjunction with Director Duties in the UK

The Operations Director supports the continued growth of FSB by, on behalf of the Board of Directors (BOD), overseeing the operational management and member organisation of FSB leading to the achievement of FSB’s Vision, Mission and Corporate Objectives.  In addition the Operations Director has principal responsibility, on behalf of the Board, for FSB’s corporate governance, including constitutional and legal compliance.  

The Operations Director, supported by members of the Senior Management Team (staff roles) is generally considered to lead on:

  • Representing operational matters to the BOD and National Council
  • Ensuring FSB complies with statutory requirements (including regulatory filings)  and that the company secretariat function for the organisation is fulfilled
  • Ensuring the adequacy and currency of governance documents (including Members Code of Conduct and the Manual of Standard Procedures) and, overseeing their implementation and handling breaches
  • Assisting the BOD in the understanding and interpretation of the requirements and obligations in the articles of association
  • Ensuring that member participation and engagement structures are fit for purpose and are appropriately supported
  • Ensuring that local member to member issues are resolved effectively and where possible, informally, in line with governance documents
  • Ensuring adequate Health and Safety provision within FSB and acting as the designated Health and Safety Director
  • Overseeing the management of FSB property assets and facilities expenditure 
  • Overseeing the sufficiency, efficient development, security and maintenance of all IT and data systems so that all aspects of FSB are adequately supported
  • Ensuring all data is handled sensitively and securely in compliance with all relevant data protection and confidentiality legislation and policies
  • Overseeing an effective HR function which ensures that employees are managed in line with statutory and regulatory requirements and maximises the return on the investment in the organisation’s human resource
  • Constituting committees or working groups within their area of responsibility which have the appropriate mix of skills and experience 

The following characteristics, knowledge and experiences are essential for the office of Operations Director;

  • Proven track record of successful management/governance of the operational functions of a business
  • Knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks within which businesses operate  
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills including negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution
  • Ability to understand complex strategic issues, analyse and resolve difficult problems
  • Sufficient time and commitment to fulfil any additional responsibilities of the role