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Non Operational Director - Office Holder Description

To be read in conjunction with Director Duties in the UK

Non Operational Directors, on behalf of the Board, ensure there is effective communication and engagement between the Board and FSB members, activists and National Council.  They ensure that when matters are put before the Board for decision the potential impact on members is considered and that the member perspective is taken into account in all Board discussions.  As members of the Board of Directors they have collective responsibility leading to the achievement of FSB’s Vision, Mission and Corporate Objectives.  

In addition to those duties and responsibilities performed by all Directors, the Non Operational Directors are generally considered to lead on:

  • Communication and engagement with regional and local activists
  • Reporting to National Council on the performance of the Board from a member perspective
  • Ensuring reporting to National Council is accurate and timely and complies with the agreed requirements
  • In collaboration with the Operations Director and the National Vice Chairman assisting Region and Branch governance to function effectively and within FSB regulations, and assisting in the resolution of local issues and disputes
  • To support the alignment of region and branch activity to the FSB purpose, values and corporate objectives

The following characteristics, knowledge and experiences are essential for the role of Non Operational Director;

  • The ability to empathise with, and advocate for, members
  • The ability to effectively mediate and resolve issues
  • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills
  • To be able to demonstrate an understanding of the FSB’s mission and corporate objectives
  • Sufficient time and commitment to fulfil any additional responsibilities of the role