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National Vice Chairman - Office Holder Description

To be read in conjunction with Director Duties in the UK

The National Vice Chairman supports the National Chairman in their leadership role by deputising when required and undertaking special projects as requested. In particular the National Vice Chairman leads the Non Operational Directors in ensuring there is effective communication and engagement between the Board, FSB’s members, activists and National Council leading to the achievement of FSB’s Vision, Mission and Corporate Objectives.  

In addition to those duties and responsibilities performed by all directors; this Non Strategic Director may be expected to lead on:

  • Motivating and aligning regional activity to the FSB’s purpose, values and corporate objectives
  • Driving forward the Chairman’s Charity within the Regions
  • In collaboration with the Operations Director and the Non Operational Directors, assisting Region and Branch governance to function effectively and within FSB regulations, and assisting in the resolution of local issues and disputes

The following characteristics, knowledge and experiences, though not essential, will be beneficial for the office of National Vice Chairman:

  • A good understanding and interest in the issues the FSB seeks to address/represent
  • Well-developed interpersonal, motivational and communication skills, including mediation and dispute handling
  • Political awareness 
  • Leadership skills
  • Sufficient time and commitment to fulfil the additional requirements of the role