Caring is just part of the package 

We understand that being able to access reliable advice and emotional support is important during this time. Having a friendly and experienced personal nurse you can turn to for reassurance is invaluable, and the benefits stay with the people we help for the rest of their lives.

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We’re here for you

Running a business isn’t always smooth sailing, especially if the worst should happen and you become unwell. FSB Care is here if you need support with your mental or physical health and wellbeing.

You, your family and your business

Your health is a priority, which is why FSB Care is available for all our members. FSB Care is not just for you – it is also available to purchase for family members or business partners*.

*Employees or family members can be added for a one-off fee of £250, which provides individual access to the Support and Advice

What does it cover?

Whatever your circumstances, whether a physical or mental health condition, you don’t need to face it alone. We’re here to support you with any long-term conditions or illness, including through diagnosis, treatments and aftercare.

Support you can trust

Our team of qualified registered nurses have years of experience dealing with a range of conditions. From help navigating treatments to simply a listening ear, your personal nurse is just a phone call away.

Every step of the way

Whatever your condition or diagnosis, we’re with you every step of the way. Every situation is different, but your personal nurse is by your side with one-on-one support.