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Big Voice

Big Voice is our unique, online research community. It’s the place where our members can have their say on behalf of small businesses across the UK. Senior politicians, Government Ministers and the Bank of England regularly use the results of Big Voice research to help shape their work and policies.

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What is Big Voice and what does it do?

Big Voice is a free to join, online community for our members. By commenting or responding to one of our surveys, members give us the evidence we need to take to politicians at all levels, across the UK and in Brussels. This evidence is used to support our lobbying and help shape the laws affecting small businesses.

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Working with Verve

We’ve commissioned Verve, an independent market research company, to undertake our Big Voice polls, surveys and discussions. Verve also manage our online community.

Latest research and results

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To login to the Big Voice community, visit and enter your login details.

The Big Voice community panel is a closed online research community found at FSB members can have their voice heard by taking part in online surveys and research discussions. Members participation in this research gives the FSB the evidence it needs to shape and support campaigning and lobbying activity for small businesses with government at a local, national and European level.

For any other questions related to Big Voice Community Panel website or research, please contact our support desk.

The FSB has commissioned Verve, an independent Market Research company to undertake its research and manage the FSB's Big Voice Research Community. Verve are specialists in building and managing online communities.

Verve is responsible for the maintenance of the Big Voice research community, setting up and managing research activities such as surveys and discussions, and community administration. Further information about Verve can be found at

Big Voice is an online community where our members have their say on the issues important to them and their small business. It’s free to join and involves answering surveys, polls and discussion questions when it’s convenient. The collected research and evidence forms the basis of the work we do lobbying politicians at all levels, across the UK and in Brussels.

Once you’re an FSB member you can register online for Big Voice and answer a few simple questions about you and your business. Once you’ve signed up we regularly (every four to six weeks) invite you to participate in our surveys, polls and discussions that are relevant to you and your small business. It’s up to you whether to participate or not.

Big Voice members often tell us it’s their only chance as individual, small business owners to have their voices heard by decision makers and politicians.

Big Voice members who’re happy to be contacted by our media teams can come face to face with politicians, Government Ministers or regulators, to share their experiences on a particular issue or problem. Others agree to speak to the press, TV or radio. Recent topics include, late payment, broadband and mobile connectivity and business confidence.

No. The information you provide to Big Voice is for market research purposes only. We will ask you if you are willing to be re-contacted by the FSB or discuss the issue to the media on the content you’ve supplied. If you say yes we may pass on your email address to the relevant company. In all other cases the information you provide is confidential. You will not receive any advertising or solicitations as a result of your participation. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive so make sure the caps lock is turned off. It may also help to clear your cache in case your browser has saved an incorrect username or password. Please visit the help section of your internet browser to learn how to clear your cache, cookies and temporary internet files.

Check you’re using your exact email that you used to register, if it’s not exactly the same it won’t work.

If you can’t remember your login, please send an email to this address.

If you can’t remember your login password, please click on the 'Reset my password' link on the login page and enter your email address and the code you see on the page. We will send you an email containing your new password.

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    "You don’t go into business to learn about employment law"

    "For us, we make sandwiches, that’s what were good at and we need to have as much time to make sandwiches as possible"

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    "I think the main reason for us joining FSB was for the banking and support"

    "Blaenavon hasn’t got any banks any longer and we have to go eight miles to do the banking otherwise but with the Co-Operative we can bank at the post office and it’s saved thousands over the years we’ve been with the FSB"

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    "It’s really that support when you need it, that was fantastic"

    "I’ve set up the pension for Mademoiselle Macaron with FSB help which was a big weight off my shoulders"

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  • Ken Wright

    "It’s not easy running a small business, if it was easy everybody would do it"

    "But FSB does make it a little simpler"

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