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Tracey Dawson's Member Story

It’s been a roller-coaster of a year for FSB member, Tracey Dawson, who took the helm of her late husband’s West Yorkshire-based electronics company, Daletech Electronics Limited (Daletech), after Colin Dawson sadly passed away in 2016.

Tracey takes up the story: “I had worked in the business since 1996 alongside my husband Colin, who had been Managing Director for 24 years. When he unexpectedly passed away last July, I suddenly became Managing Director.”

During this period of change, Tracey was helped by one of Daletech’s founding directors and current Production Director, Andrew Shenton.

Tracey continues: “When I first took over, things were hard, but because I had worked so closely with Colin for many years and his business ethos was one of multi-skilling his staff, I fully understood the business and its products. This combined with my love of electronics and knowledge of manufacturing, enabled me to hit the ground running.”

Tracey Dawson

As a longstanding member of 21 years, Tracey has extensively used the exclusive benefits available as part of her FSB membership. Tracey explains how FSB’s legal and HR helplines, as well as FSB’s online legal document hub has helped Daletech in developing a new product range.

Tracey explains: “We are a small family manufacturing business and have recently been developing our own product range, focussed on IoT sensor technology. Having the reassurance of legal and HR experts at the end of a telephone, as well as a comprehensive set of downloadable documents has been very useful in helping to avoid any setbacks when developing our new products.”

Tracey adds: “Out of all the business support organisations that approached us over the years, we have always remained with and favoured FSB because of the expert advice available and when we put together our business continuity plan last year, we included FSB and its contact numbers.”

As Daletech continues past its 30th year in business, Tracey is looking forward to getting to grips with FSB’s regular business networking events and is currently developing a national networking strategy, whilst focussing on Daletech’s growth strategy – including the new product development.

Tracey adds: “I feel proud to work in these exciting times, as we are on the brink of Industry 4.0! When we were looking at developing our new product range, I had to look very closely at Daletech and understand our vision, mission and our core values – my underlying and unwavering belief is that you need to love what you do and I love electronics.”

Tracey continues: “One of my goals is to network and meet other members of FSB to understand local and national industry issues. I am really looking forward to meeting local FSB members at the next FBS Connect meeting later this month.”

With over 30 years of business experience under their belt and their new product range in development, Daletech continues to go from strength to strength and Tracey’s FSB membership will be there to support her, as and when she needs it.

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