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Non Operational Director

Veronika Weisweiller


Veronika became a Non-Operational Director of FSB in March 2015. She has been a volunteer with FSB since 1995 at branch, regional and National level, including Branch Chairman and Regional Vice Chairman and National Councillor.   

While Veronika has run and managed her own businesses for over 20 years, she feels she can legitimately say she has done so all her life, having grown up with small business entrepreneurs on both sides of her family. As well as an innate understanding of challenges facing small business, she brings to the role an excellent knowledge of FSB´s underlying structure and processes. Her own business background as a translator and then market researcher makes her adaptable and quick to comprehend the key issues and challenges of a given situation and therefore able to take on a range of tasks and special projects, often unexpectedly and at short notice. 

Now a business consultant and trainer, Veronika is constantly in touch with small businesses - both FSB members and non-members. This gives her a grass roots exposure to the many challenges faced by small business and drives her belief that in the same way that businesses must adapt to changing circumstances, so must FSB as an organisation, in order to retain and grow its membership.

During her time with FSB she has primarily represented members from the urban, Greater London, region, but in her paternal native Austria  her family business is in the country including farming, forestry and an event centre – giving her scope and understanding of both standpoints. In addition, her business experience -  both in the UK and abroad - gives her hands on experience of relevant legislative processes, providing FSB with essential perspective and skills as the country moves towards Brexit.