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Members' Code of Conduct

This code is intended to direct the conduct of members in relation to their interaction with
other members, the employees of the FSB and the general public where the member is
perceived to be acting as a member of the FSB. Members should endeavour to follow
the principles adhered to by those in public office – Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity,
Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

Where members breach the Code of Conduct this may be considered to be a disciplinary

matter to be referred to and resolved by the Disputes and Disciplinary Committee. If the
breach involves an employee of the FSB the matter will be referred to and dealt with by the
Board of Directors who may subsequently refer the matter to the Disputes and Disciplinary

Members must:

  1. Be aware of and comply with the Articles of Association, Rules and Procedures of the
    FSB as detailed in the Manual of Standard Procedures.

  2. Only use the FSB’s logo to signify their membership and not in any way to suggest or
    imply that the logo represents any trade or professional qualification or standard.

  3. Not represent themselves as:

    • being approved or endorsed by the FSB in connection with their business
    • having a trading relationship with or being an approved supplier to the FSB.

  4. When representing the FSB, members may not proactively market their own

  5. Comply with all statutory requirements.

  6. Maintain confidentiality when required to do so and comply with the provisions of the
    Data Protection Act.

  7. Act at all times in a professional and courteous manner to all members and
    employees of the FSB.

  8. Not act towards any employee or member in a manner which may give rise to any
    claim by the employee or member against the FSB.

  9. Not discriminate against any person because of age, disability, gender reassignment,
    marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour,
    nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

  10. Not use threatening or abusive behaviour or language.

  11. Not make verbal or written statements which are contrary to the aims and objectives
    of the FSB including Policy objectives.

  12. Not use FSB property, resources, equipment or records for any purpose other than
    the purpose for which they are intended.

  13. Not make any undeclared profit, benefit or advantage from being a member or
    elected officer of the FSB.

  14. Not do anything or omit to do anything which is prejudicial to the interests of the FSB
    or could bring the FSB into disrepute.

Download a PDF version of the 'Members' Code of Conduct' here.