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Why work for FSB?

FSB exists to support small business owners and the self-employed throughout the UK to ‘do business’. We are a not for profit organisation funded through member subscriptions and have the economies of scale to offer unparalleled services and benefits.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we channel all of our finance and energy into meeting the expectations of our members and nobody else. We support small business and the self-employed with a powerful lobbying representation at all levels of government, ensuring that our members are heard when they need to be.

Our staff and members alike are proud of the work that we do; the achievements of FSB benefit the whole business community, not just members; how could we fail to feel great about working for an organisation that exists for such a great purpose!

In addition to employed roles, we also offer self-employed opportunities to those interested in selling FSB membership to the business community.  Our sales team of Membership Advisors cover all UK postcodes; this dedicated team of sales professionals run their own sales businesses acquiring members for FSB and a number generate annual incomes in excess of £100,000. They benefit from initial and ongoing training that equips them with the necessary skills to generate sales. Once they have seen what great value for money membership of FSB represents for businesses, its hard not to be inspired; a great product, offering the best value in the market with all revenues generated being invested back into making the UK a better place to do business – what a proposition!

If you think that we are the kind of organisation that you’d like to work with, and believe that we need your skills and expertise, take a look at the opportunities available and apply today.

Sometimes the biggest selling point for a business is the people behind it.

For information on how to start your career at FSB - follow this link to Career Opportunities.

For information on self-employed sales opportunities - follow this link to Membership Advisor information.