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17 August 2017

Glasgow fruit market fire – Help for members

Around 100 firefighters have been fighting a huge fire at the Blochairn Fruit Market. The market, a revered institution in Glasgow, employs around 400 people and generates over £200m for the economy.

The blaze will impact on many small businesses directly located in the market and the surrounding area, as well as residents who live nearby.

Any FSB members affected are advised to contact their insurers as soon as possible in order to start the claims process.

City Property, which runs the Fruit Market, have reassured us that they are looking at options for relocations and providing other support.  So it is vital that, if you haven’t done so already, you get in touch with them (0141 287 6161).

If you are unsure as to what you should do, or just require some independent guidance, feel free to call us at the FSB Insurance Service and speak to our claims expert – Steve Dawson (01883 719664).

This service is available to all members, regardless of whether you have any policies through FSB Insurance or not.

Remember, that all affected FSB members will be also able to access free loss recovery and advice on business continuity.

Here’s a checklist of other things to consider:

  • Without putting yourself in danger, keep a good photographic record of the damage to your property.

  • Do not dispose of any damaged items without referral to your insurers.

  • Compile a list of the damaged items and advise your insurers of an approximate value. This will enable them to decide upon the best course of action in your particular situation.

  • Your insurers will require supporting documentation as invoices/receipts/stock records etc.

  • Does your policy cover “business interruption”? If so, it could cover you for “loss of trade” attributable to the damage.

  • Do you need alternative accommodation for your business whilst repairs are carried out? Ask your insurers for guidance.

  • Insurers will consider “interim” payments to help with immediate expenses. They don’t always explain this; if not, ask them.

  • If you need the services of a loss adjuster, contact us and we can put you in touch with a Scottish-based practitioner who has assisted many members in the past.


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