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Scottish Policy Unit (SPU)

The Scottish Policy Unit (SPU), working with policy and parliamentary staff, ensures that the small business sector's voice is heard at all levels of government in Scotland, by developing a coherent and evidence-based case to put to politicians and civil servants.



The Federation of Small Businesses' (FSB) Scottish Policy development is, like the rest of the organisation, member-led. 

The Scottish Policy Unit, an FSB committee, meets on a monthly basis to discuss issues of significance to the Scottish small business community, although with a special focus on areas controlled by the Scottish Parliament.


FSB Public Affairs and Policy staff attend these meetings and update the members on external developments and their own activities. The committee contains two representatives from each of the four FSB regions in Scotland. These representatives gather member experiences and evidence from their regional meetings.


Scottish Policy Convenor                                              

North East Scotland Representative


 Andy Willox OBE

North East Scotland Representative


 Graham Bradley

SPU Vice Convenor

West of Scotland Regional Chair


 Rory MacKail


West of Scotland Representative


 Jim Ritchie


East of Scotland Regional Chair                           


 Janet Torley


East of Scotland Representative                           

Tracy Griffen


Highlands & Islands Regional Chair


Amanda Frazer


Highlands and Islands Representative


Hamish Fraser



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