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Special Reports


The first ever large scale study of Scottish home based businesses conducted by Professor Colin Mason at Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow and Dr Darja Reuschke at the University of St Andrews. The FSB has also pulled together an infographic associated with the study. 


A comprehensive overview of the tourism sector from businesses on the front line. Check out the infographic  

A referendum guide for Scottish small businesses produced with the University of Edinburgh Business School. 


A UK-wide study looking at the purchasing patterns of local authorities, written in conjunction with the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES). 

A breakdown of the Scottish results of the FSB's local authority procurement study, revealing the purchasing patterns of Scottish councils. 


A Scottish study examining the practical employment help for micro Scottish firms

A UK wide study looking at local authority procurement and the small business community. 

The FSB profiles a sample of Scottish small manufacturers. 

The FSB examines the state of local regulation in Scotland and makes the case for a more standardised, consistent approach



The FSB makes a joint statement with other business bodies looking for practical ways to improve access to finance for Scottish small businesses


The FSB looks at the non-domestic (business) rates system in Scotland and calls for some parts of the system to be reformed



The FSB commissioned research exploring the key challenges facing small businesses during the recession, highlighting the important role played by small businesses as employers in Scotland.


A large scale study exploring the barriers to small business engagement in the Modern Apprenticeship (MA) programme in Scotland.



A study assessing the impact of large modern supermarket development on the vitality and viability of town centres, with a particular focus on existing local retailers.



FSB research arguing that – as the Federation of Small Businesses has discovered in other parts of the UK – the interpretation and implementation of public procurement processes can mitigate against SMEs.


More Publications


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