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Local Government & Community Safety

The FSB believes that if Scottish local authorities use the range of powers at their disposal to boost local enterprise confidence and make it easier to do businesses, then they can make a real impact on the Scottish economy. Further, if we are to ensure the future of the Scottish high street and town centres then we need local businesses and their councils working together to inject life back into the centres of our conurbations. 

Scottish Local Government Elections Manifesto (2012)

Taking centre stage: the role of local government in Scotland's economic recovery


Primary Authority Arrangements Scotland (Aug)


Local Government and Regeneration Committee - Local Government Finance (Unoccupied Properties) Bill (May) 

Local Government and Regeneration Committee: Living Wage Inquiry 2011-12 (Jan) 


Local Government Committee: Scottish Government Spending Review 2011 and Draft Budget 2012-2013 (Oct) 

Building a Sustainable Future - FSB Response to the Scottish Government's Regeneration Discussion (Apr)

Local Government & Communities Committee - Supermarket Levy (Jan)


Local Government Committee – Inquiry into Local Government Finance (Sep) 


A Fairer Local Tax for Scotland (Jul) 

Non-Domestic Rates (levying) Regulations 2008 (Jan)

Community Safety & Services

The Scottish small business community has an interest in how a range of private and public bodies deliver their services and organise themselves. In this section, you will find a range of views on issues such as postal services, community planning partnerships, ferries, fire services and the criminal justice system.  


Community Empowerment Bill (September)


OFT Remote Communities Study (April) 

Scottish Ferry Services Draft Plan (Mar)


Reforming Police and Fire and Rescue Services in Scotland (Nov) 


Scottish Affairs Committee - Postal Services (Nov) 

Ferries Review (Sep)


Standing for Office: Time-off Entitlements and Encouraging Civil Engagement (Feb)


The Modern Scottish Jury in Criminal Trials (Oct) 

The Relocation Advisory Service – Advice for Migrants (Feb)