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Policy Achievements


Since 1974 the FSB has been championing the ‘voice of small businesses' and in our 40th year we are able to deliver even more firepower on behalf of our 200,000 members.


We work hard lobbying Government on issues that matter most to our members and to ensure the voices of the 4.9 million small firms are heard and listened to. 


Our policy, public affairs, and media teams across the UK have worked hard to communicate members' views to politicians and policymakers with unprecedented success in the last 12 months - witnessed by the extent of engagement in all 

areas of the UK. Key achievements include:


Employment Allowance
    Lobbying secured the Employment Allowance: a £2,000 cut from employers NICs bills.

      Access to finance
        After years of criticising the banks, the Chancellor has announced a market review of the small business banking market to be run by the Office of Fair Trading.

            Rollover energy contracts
              As a result of high profile lobbying together with No. 10, the Big Six energy companies have announced that they are ending the unfair practice of automatic rollover contracts. 

                    We've stopped unnecessary health and safety regulation, such as the Ergonomics directive, which was estimated to cost businesses in the UK anywhere between £90 – 300 million every year.  

                        Cost of fuel
                          Our lobbying has postponed the last three proposed increases, and we continue to keep the pressure up on this issue.

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