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27 July 2015

A Small Business Is For Life Not Just For Christmas….

So that special purchase did not arrive in time for the big day….? You don't have time to reorder on the internet or go to a big shop in a big town. You forgot the stuffing and the big shops are shut. The dishwasher has flooded the kitchen, the cooker has decided to take Christmas off and you need help now. The local shop or a local tradesman are all that can save Christmas except they are no longer there. They were last year and were "Oh so helpful" and now have simply vanished! What happened? The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) are asking everyone to think about the dire consequences of not spending their money with local small businesses throughout the year.

To raise the profile of how essential this is to the local economy, the East Cornwall Branch of the FSB recently toured Liskeard in South East Cornwall with Sheryll Murray, the Member of Parliament for the area who's offices are based in the town.

Sherryll Murray MP and FSB tour Liskeard

Sherryll Murray MP and FSB tour Liskeard

Val Kidman, Chairman of the FSB's East Cornwall Branch said:

"We visited several businesses who are all truly entrepreneurial and doing everything they can to provide excellent products and great customer service. They all said the same. They need everyone to spend more of their budget with them because unless you are a customer when it counts for them, they may not be able to be there for when it counts for you! They are not asking people to spend more in such hard times but just to spend what they have with local small businesses rather than with some faceless online entity or large corporation".

Sheryll Murray M.P. for South East Cornwall agreed, saying:

"We have met with many businesses in Liskeard, some have been part of the town team, the Portas Pilot scheme and other groups all trying to make sure this town survives. The end result is that what all businesses need are customers. Liskeard is just one of many places that need the support of local people and there are some real hidden gems across Cornwall. Service providers and tradesmen too, all provide employment and livelihoods in the community so it is more than just spending money with them it is about the economy of where you live. That has got to be worth supporting so please do think about where every pound goes and please think local first".