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FREE Business Legal Protection Insurance for FSB members

Business legal protection insurance: why your business needs it

As a small business, you can't afford to be without legal protection insurance. Here's why:

  • Increasingly, legislation protects the employee not the employer.
  • Three in five employers have had an unfair dismissal trial brought against them with many 'tagging' on a discrimination claim.*
  • The financial and time costs of tribunals are increasing but remain virtually unrecoverable.
  • 70% of employers have no legal protection cover to guard against employees making claims and are forced to use compromise agreements to avoid them.

At the same time, small businesses are targeted for investigation by HM Revenue & Customs.

Join the FSB for FREE small business legal advice and insurance

The FSB, in partnership with Abbey Legal Protection, offers help, guidance and legal protection insurance for small businesses that won't cost you a penny. Simply sign up today and you'll automatically have all of this essential business legal protection at your fingertips:

  • Access to business legal advice from qualified lawyers 24/7/365
  • Tax advice from Revenue trained specialists.
  • Legal Protection Insurance for representation in Criminal Prosecutions, Jury Service, Employment Tribunals & Statutory Awards, Tax, VAT & PAYE investigations, Property, Data Protection, Personal Injury & Statutory Licence.
  • Information, documentation and advice on employment law, tax, health and safety and commercial law online:

The FSB also offers comprehensive online legal advice covering employment and business law, taxation and health and safety issues.

A comprehensive guide to the FSB's Legal Protection Scheme is available in the Member Guide here issued to all new members and annually at renewal. Members log in to access the Legal Protection Insurance Policy.

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*Figures from CIPD

Member testimonials

Alison Finnemore from the North Marston Community Shop is a member of the Thames Valley region, insisted the FSB has been of great assistance in advising on employing staff.

She said: "We're very aware that we need to make sure our shop manager is properly looked after and the FSB has been great in supporting that aspect of the business.

"There are a whole variety of other things you need to know as a small business that the FSB has been very helpful with. All the members of staff of the FSB are incredibly helpful – nothing is too much trouble for them to do to help us. It is so nice to know one can just get on the phone and ask.

"It can be a minefield of legislation as a small business and the FSB has been great in that area. I'd thoroughly recommend the FSB to any small business just starting up".