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Why members value our online legal information

Our online legal support is a valuable member benefit brought to you by the Member Services Committee in association with Abbey Legal Services and Abbey Tax Protection. Abbey Legal Services is a trading division of Abbey Protection Group Limited and Abbey Tax Protection is a trading division of Abbey Tax and Consultancy Services Limited.

With thousands of members using the site every single month, the provision of easy to access tax, health and safety information and online legal information is clearly an extremely valuable benefit to our members.

Those who have joined the FSB continue to find it a useful, informative and much-needed weapon in the continual battle to keep abreast of constantly changing legal developments.

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In association with Abbey Legal Services
PostitOnline legal information from the FSB: what we cover

From customer disputes to employment tribunals, corporate legislation and tax, most small business owners are likely to need extra legal assistance at some stage. Online legal information can be enough to give you the information you need in many instances - you don't always need to see a lawyer in person.

It's important that you have the right level of legal protection for your organisation, but also that you have a reliable source of information to which you can turn as and when the need arises.

FSB Legal Information Online can be divided into four key legal areas:

  • Employment Law
  • Taxation Matters
  • Business Law
  • Health and Safety Information

Of course, this online legal guidance should never be considered a substitute for seeking legal advice from the Legal Advice Line but it will take the small business owner through the complexities of the law, as well as providing a comprehensive selection of free documents which you can download in Word format.

Accessing FSB Legal Information Online

As one of our most valuable member benefits access to the website is limited to members only, and you will be asked to supply your membership details when you log on. After entering these details, you will then be able to enter the site and arrive at the Home Page. From here, you will also have access to the following online legal resources:

  • Fact Sheets
  • Employment Law Online
  • Health and Safety Online
  • New Employer Tip Sheets
  • What's New
  • Links
  • Free Documents
  • Taxation Matters Online
  • Business Start-Up
  • Legal News
  • FAQs
  • Legal Services – Fee-Paying

As well as benefiting from access to this web-based legal information, members receive an FSB Legal Bulletin by email every month.

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