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Print & Mail

Over 1200 FSB members are now taking full advantage of the new Print & Mail service.

Small business research shows it used to cost them up to £1.20 to send a printed letter out in the post when taking into account stationery, print costs and staff time. With FSB Print and Mail, in association with Docmail, the letters now cost only 39p + VAT for each letter and that includes the 2nd class postage. FSB members are saving over 70% of their current costs and staff time can now focussed on core business duties.

FSB members also get an additional 5% discount for three months when they sign up

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Member testimonials

FSB member Martin Torrens, runs the Virginia Court Hotel in Norfolk, confirms effective mailing to hotel customers see sales jump by 50%. "It was one of those long-winded, tedious tasks which we just thought we had to do," says Martin. "It took us about four days in total, spread over the course of the best part of a year - writing and printing the letters and labels, stuffing the envelopes, stamping them and so on.

"Now we can do in less than a day something which was taking months to get sorted, FSB Print & Mail told us when the letters would go out, so we could prepare for receiving phone calls and they came almost immediately. It's very effective indeed and it means that staff can focus on their main jobs, rather than having to spend time on stuffing envelopes. FSB Print & Mail is high quality, looks really professional and the mailings can be personalised specific to each customer, which is great. So it's definitely something which we will be using more regularly."