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Data Services

Data Services, in association with Market Location, can help you target the right businesses whether this is for mailing, telemarketing or even email campaigns.

Established in 1972, Market Location is the market leading business data supplier in the UK:

1. Maintaining the most up to date and accurate database of over 2 million UK businesses.

2. The only data provider to update their entire database over a 12 month timeframe - twice as quick as the next best supplier of data.

Their clients benefit from the highest data accuracy levels which are essential for any marketing campaign, be it large or small. This is extremely important in today's economic climate when identifying new valuable customers is so critical.

Market Location maintains a database of email addresses of approximately 1.2m individuals within 600,000 locations and this is growing at approximately 80,000 per month enabling our clients to truly adopt a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Identify which businesses are suitable for your campaign using combinations of:

  • Geographical location

  • Number of employees within the business

  • Industry Sector

  • Annual turnover

To benefit from a minimum of 25% discount and to order Market Location's data online go to your dedicated online portal at dataservices

Market Location's data has been proven to be the most accurate data source in the UK, underpinning:
  • The BT Business Phone Book
  • Directory Enquiry Services (118)
  • Online and offline directories in the UK such as Google and Microsoft Bing

Member testimonials

Christina Hutson from Divine Diva Fancy Dress, says having the support of the Federation of Small Businesses Members Services has been instrumental in helping her business succeed.

She said: "There are so many things they offer small businesses which I wouldn't have known how to access such as credit card services if they hadn't helped me.

"The FSB was recommended to me and I've recommended it to a couple of my friends who have started their own businesses. It's a wonderful organisation and our local rep has been a great support."