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Laura Pride's Member Story

We recently caught up South Gloucestershire-member, Laura Pride, whose business OMGrenegade, specialises in creating videos, podcasts and live broadcasts for use on social media and websites.

After a successful career working as TV presenter, Laura’s passion for broadcast journalism and social media took over. Resulting in Laura exploring the capabilities of social media for live broadcast. 

Laura, takes up the story: “I was a freelance BBC TV reporter and saw the increasing use of video on social media for news, marketing and communications.”

Laura adds: “I wanted more control over when and where I worked, as well as more creative freedom on projects. So whilst on maternity leave, I tested the waters with ad-hoc projects and in 2012 OMGrenegade was born and it’s developed from there.”

Over the last four years, Laura has built a successful, innovative and respected business, with clients spanning public and private sectors, in manufacturing, consumables and live music events.

After three years in business, Laura felt exposed in the areas of running a business she wasn’t familiar, so after researching what support was available for smaller business owners, decided to join FSB.

Laura explains: “I joined FSB primarily for the support offered. If you run a smaller business you can be responsible for a lot; people, health and safety, red-tape. When I started OMGrenegade, I felt there were real gaps in parts of my business knowledge.”

“FSB gives me the confidence knowing that I can pick up the phone and get some independent advice, really quickly, on a range of issues.”

Laura adds:

“Being your own boss has many advantages but the flip side is the amount of bureaucracy and work it takes to keep a smaller business running. That’s where FSB come in.”

Like the thousands of other FSB members who have made over 148,000 calls to the legal advice line in 2015, Laura has used her membership to ensure she was on the right side of the law by calling the legal advice line, telling us: “I’ve called the legal helpline to seek advice on contract issues, which is invaluable. I’ve always had really quick call-backs and follow-ups, which if you’re a time-poor, is an excellent service.”

FSB’s website has over 200 factsheets and in excess of 500 legal documents to choose from, covering all the key legal, personnel, tax and health and safety issues that you might encounter when setting up and running your business.

Getting your own business up and running can be a scary prospect, but with advice and support from her family and friends, Laura got OMGrenegade up and running. Laura explains: “I have a really young family and my mother-in-law and mum have regularly travelled from over 100 miles away to help cover the gaps in child-care when I have been out filming.

Laura adds: “Emotionally my husband acts as a business mentor, counsellor and has been known to come on certain shoots as a runner! So without their support OMGrenegade wouldn’t be here!”

Continuing, Laura said:

“FSB is a key part of my support network, with regional and national networking opportunities, as well as legal advice and FSB Insurance who have kept me covered. As well as the fantastic lobbying work FSB does on late payments.”

Explaining, Laura told us that: “Late Payments is the business issue affects me most, as the hours spent chasing payments really add up. Everyone knows cash-flow is key to small businesses I was shocked to read FSB’s latest Prompt Payment Report, where the average late payment for a small business is over £6,000.”

A passionate advocate of the power of social media, Laura advises smaller business to use social media for business: “Use social media for the right reasons. Don’t go on and waste half an hour catching up on your personal social networks but exploit it for all the valuable information that’s out there about your sector and free business advice.”

Laura continues: “Where else can you message and follow the likes of Michelle Mone, Tim Campbell, Richard Branson, who produce useful business information and advice without charging? Connect with people you meet and want to meet on Linkedin. Join relevant business and networking groups on Facebook for example, especially in your area. So you share best practice and can ask for advice.”

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