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FSB Care

Your medical welfare is important.

If the worst should happen and you’re diagnosed with a serious health condition, including stress or depression, we offer free access to a personal nurse adviser. They’ll provide you with practical information and emotional support.

What are the key features?

Rest assured that if you ever need them, a personal nurse adviser will be on-hand to provide practical information and emotional support, for as long as you need it.

Other benefits include:

  • You can add an employee or family member, at the point of need for a one-off flat fee of £250*
  • No pre-existing health exclusions
  • Support for serious health conditions, including stress and depression
  • A course of therapy or counselling, subject to clinical assessment
  • Peace of mind knowing that you can access additional support, for up to three years

What are the benefits?

Our medical welfare service is free of charge to our members, reassurance when you need it, at no cost.

How do I access this?

Become a member and you will be able to access the FSB Care service.

If you are already an FSB member, please log in and click ‘Review Member Benefits’ to find out how to access.

* Excludes external therapy/counselling. This can be facilitated by the Personal Nurse Adviser, but must be paid for by the individual or sponsoring FSB Member.

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