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Whatever your business, the FSB will work for you.


The Federation of Small Businesses is a membership organisation which protects and supports the needs and interests of small business owners across the UK. It does this through networking and lobbying. Obviously, this is of great importance to all our franchise owners.

But the benefits of being a member of the FSB don't stop there. The organisation offers some really important benefits such as legal support and financial services that enable our franchise owners to run their businesses smoothly and effectively, knowing that the backup is there if they need it.

We have been so impressed by the responsiveness and professionalism of the FSB that we have encouraged all our franchisees to join and will continue to do so.

(Tracy Townend, Puddleducks)

Become a lead generator

Enter a lead


Becoming a Lead Generator

To become a lead generator you simply fill in a form. As a lead generator you are eligible to receive a £10 incentive, payable when the lead has become a full FSB member for a minimum period of three months. To claim an incentive payment, email us

Members Play a Part

Our research suggests that the most effective method of producing quality leads is by recommendation. Our members and staff are our best ambassadors as they KNOW the benefits of FSB membership.

How Do I Play My Part?

One of the best ways in which leads are generated is through our members, staff and partners, all who have day to day contact with people who run businesses or who are self employed and are not yet members of the FSB.

Remember, all businesses employing less than 250 employees have owners or owner-managers who are entitled to take up the benefits of membership to the FSB. It is your role to make them aware of this.

It is recommended that you regularly update your knowledge of what is available to you and other members of the FSB as a right of membership.* These details are available on the FSB benefits web page

Remember, as a 'Lead Generator' you have a responsibility to act in a manner that reflects the professionalism of the organisation and does not bring it or you into disrepute.

The Recruitment and Membership Committee reserves the right following investigation, to remove the status of any 'Lead Generator' should their actions be deemed inappropriate. What is a 'Quality Lead'?

A 'quality lead' is something we should aspire to create when we have face to face contact with a potential new member When providing leads and data, it is worthwhile remembering that the quality of the information you provide plays its part in whether the lead turns into a new member.

Once you have the information that is needed from your contact, you can register the details by clicking the relevant link on the left OR by sending an email to lead generator OR by completing one of the lead generator notification cards.

It is extremely important that the prospects details are input into our system as this will enable us to monitor where our leads come from and ensure that you are eligible for the incentive.

Remember - as the prospect has expressed an interest in joining the FSB they will be contacted by a recruiter who will arrange a suitable appointment to meet with them.

The collection of data is useful for cold calling and is to be encouraged, but it will need to be sent into Head Office with suitable information stating the source and quality of the information. This will not be counted towards the incentive scheme.

Can you really afford NOT to join?

As a 'right of membership' the FSB Legal Protection scheme and FSB Care are available to all FSB members. Our 'right of membership' benefits alone could save you £775 by becoming a member of the FSB. Significant additional savings and discounts are available on the range of the other services on offer.