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National Vice Chairman

Sandra Dexter


Sandra Dexter was elected the FSB National Vice Chairman in March 2014 – a position she also held for two years from 2011. As National Vice Chairman she has visited dozens of FSB Branches and Regions all across the UK and met hundreds of activists who work tirelessly on behalf of the organisation.

An FSB volunteer of almost four decades standing - having been actively involved at Branch, Region and National level since joining the FSB in 1978 – Sandra remains passionate about encouraging new members to get involved with FSB, nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. She was instrumental in setting up FSB Connect – focussed on more online networking, which continues to evolve.

She was also the National Conference Co-ordinator for eighteen years including for last year’s annual conference, which was held in Glasgow, the biggest and most successful to date.

Sandra has over 40 years’ experience of operating small businesses. She currently runs an Estate Planning Business with her husband, David, based in Lincolnshire, where they live. Their firm offers advice on the preparation of Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney.

Sandra’s ability to combine her FSB experience with her clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful business make her uniquely suited to the role of National Vice Chairman.