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Voice of Small Business Member Survey 2012

FSB 'Voice of Small Business' Member Survey 2012


Voice of Small Business Member Survey


The FSB has teamed up with Research by Design to bring you the second 'Voice of Small Business' Member Survey - following on from the previous Member Survey in 2010.


The Member Survey looks at the views of small businesses on an array of issues including employment, growth prospects, innovation, access to finance and procurement and helps to inform policy work and what the FSB lobbies on for small firms.


Small businesses are finding it tough in the weak economic climate, but they have shown that they are resilient so it is paramount that the Government nurtures this crucial sector.



Member Survey 2012


The 'Voice of Small Business' Member Survey was conducted in November 2011 and had more than 11,000 responses and so follows on from the previous Member Survey as the most extensive research into the small business sector during the downturn.


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 Main findings

Voice of Small Business Member Survey


  • Seven in 10 (68%) small businesses have introduced new or improved products in the past two years


  • 57 per cent of businesses supplying to the private sector have suffered from clients paying late


  • 70 per cent of members have used finance to support their business in last 12 months


  • 59 per cent of members have used what they consider to be a major source of finance


  • 58 per cent of small businesses are looking to grow over the next 12 months


  • However, six in 10 said that the economy is the biggest barrier to achieving growth


  • Nearly a third (29%) of businesses would like improved support and advice from their local authority


  • A fifth (21%) would like more accessible procedures for small businesses around public procurement


  • Businesses in the computer and related areas, engineering and manufacturing sectors expect an increase in full-time staff in the next 12 months


Survey panel


Through this Member Survey, we have boosted the number of small businesses that will take part in our regular 'Voice of Small Business' Survey Panel.


You too can have your voice heard by signing up to the panel and taking part. We need your voice to truly represent you in Parliament!